Sensing the city - Sense of the city

The exhibition project sensing the city - sense of the city aims to explore individual sensations in urban spaces. Taking place in Berlin and Lisbon simultaneously, this cross-disciplinary platform for urban art hosted works in diverse shapes and different media and was accompanied by a broad range of workshops and other participatory formats.

Context and questions

Has every city got its own pace?  What do we hear, see, and feel when we walk out the door into the cityscape? Is it too loud, too fast, too trendy, too narrow, too dirty, too crowded? How do we manage not to lose track?

The city is constantly changing. Political decisions and economic interests influence these changes. Often it leads to greater and greater gentrification and class division. To fit the new order, we choose to live as far away from the ground as possible. Organic life has given way to unsustainable human comfort. What do we, as residents of cities, feel about its changes and what role does each one of us play in it? Is there still enough space for participation or are we steadily heading towards dead ends? 

Dates: 17. - 27.3.2022
Locations: Biblioteca de Marvila; Zwitschermaschine; ORi künstlerische Bildmedien e.V. 

Curatorial Team: Anna Sofia Meyer, Catarina Marcos, Christian Hörner, Helena Doppelbauer, Nika Grigorian.

Artists: Ana Rodriguez Bisbicus, Anzhelika Van-In, Bailey Keogh, Bret Louis Adams, Camila Almeida, Carolina Costa, Charity Be, Chloe Waters, Lorena Terzi and Peter Bob, Elke Burkert, Emily Marie Passos Duffy, Francisca Manuel, Friederike Müller and Lorenz Beer, Inga Coleman, Inês Abreu, Ivana Papić and Özcan Ertek, Jens Wolter, Hartmut Jahn and Gerd Conradt, Jeremy Philip Knowles, Johanna Reichhart, Francis Kamprath, Marta Sala, Marcos García Pérez, Costanza Rossi, Katarzyna Sala and Cheong Kin Man, Kaja Busch, Laila Mahmoud, Laura Lukitsch, Les Actionnaires, Lijung Choi, Lisa Hofmann, Lisa Rubin, Luiza Baldan with David Wagner and Nico Espinoza, Marcos Risso, Margarida Bolsa, Maria Luz, Maria Madalena Salgeiro, Maria Marques, Mascha Wansart, Mathias Gatti, Maíra Santos, Melina Matzanke and Joanna Czekajlo, Michael Schmacke, Nathalia Melo, Pharaz Azimi, Prema Ananda Strack, Rebekka Stuhlemer, Xénia Baricz, Zsófia Puszt. 

Support: ASTA Universität der Künste Berlin,
Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa. 

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Mail / [email protected]